A Piece of Luxury
APOLs model required the construction of a large website (over 7,000 pages) with the ability to expand and grow facilities. Our brief was to build something SEO friendly, modern, flexible, easy to access and extremely user friendly.
The Weir Bar
The Wier’s new website was designed to be an online extension of their business and uses fresh and engaging imagery, copy and colours. The end result is a culmination of the customer’s vision and our distinct approach.
We begin by agreeing on all primary elements of the project, including framework, navigation, content, functionality. Then we developed a strategy which focused on Amiri himself and his extensive expertise and knowledge.
A Piece Of Luxury - Guides
A Piece Of Luxury expanded their business in 2016 with its launch of two new websites for Island guides and property rentals. Through its substantial directory of local businesses, places to visit and local treasures.
Over the years, we have designed & developed websites for the Ibiza based company. We work closely with Ibizamed to ensure their website is marketed effectively, easy to update & is visually appropriate for their target demographic.
We have designed logos, exhibition stands, websites and product packaging for Hudle. We feel their branding incorporates a sense of individuality that sets them apart from their competitors!
Ocean Beach Ibiza
We have been working with Ocean Beach Club since its launch in 2011. The hugely popular venue has amassed 143,000 twitter followers and a substantial Facebook and online presence.
Indian Garden Company
We have been working with Indian Garden Company for many years to establish & grow their business. We love & support their company ethos & have enjoyed working with them to construct their website, e-commerce system & CMS.
The Bull & Last
From website design and development to ongoing marketing, system construction and support; as a full service web agency, we are with our clients every step of the way!
We strive to create beautiful & functional design, whilst promoting user accessibility. This methodology is something we employed when designing & building the website for Europa. The website was constructed in HTML 5, is mobile friendly.
Fresca Group
The series of websites we developed for the Fresca Group both engage & educate their visitors. With CMS systems which allow their in-house teams to easily update content, their websites have been constructed with a good SEO foundation.
Phoenix Engineering
Our brief was to develop a strong brand whilst placing emphasis on the companies reputation for both precision & excellence. Due to the nature of their business, we were required to create a unique icon which could be used at a wide variety of sizes.
Chavin Jewellery
We were briefed to create a modern website, targeting a range of demographics and fusing a sense of London fashion with the brands traditional Peruvian routes.
We have constructed several websites for the group, all are fully responsive, linked to CMS systems and have very effective SEO, Adwords and social media marketing strategies.
Three Way Films
The If6was9 team have been working in association with three way films to produce a series of branded literature for the Companies extensive portfolio of film and television formats.
Totally Sound